MultiBoost Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AdaBoostLearnerThe AdaBoost learner
ArgsHandle the command line arguments
Args::ArgumentHolds the informations of a single argument
BaseLearnerGeneric base learner
BaseLearner::LearnersRegsHolds the information about the registered learners
ClassifierClassify a dataset
Classifier::ExampleResultsHolds the results per example
ClassMappingsAn static class with the class mappings
InputDataHandles the data
InputData::ExampleHolds the data of the single example
MultiStumpLearnerA multi threshold decision stump learner
OutputInfoFormat and output step-by-step information
SerializationThe serialization (saving) of the weak learners found
SingleStumpLearnerA single threshold decision stump learner
SortedDataOverloading of the InputData class to support sorting of the column
StreamTokenizerCan tokenize a stream
StumpLearnerA generic decision stump learner
StumpLearner::sRatesThe per class rates
UnSerializationThe un-serialization (loading) of the weak learners found
white_tabSet the whitespace to tabs and newlines only

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