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Defines macros and default values. More...

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#define STABLE_SORT   0
 Defines the sorting method.
#define MB_DEBUG   0
 Debug level.
#define S_(X)   #X
 Used with STRINGIZE can stringize a macro name.
#define STRINGIZE(X)   S_(X)
 Stringize a macro name! :).

Detailed Description

Defines macros and default values.

This file just holds some macros and static strings that define some default values.


Definition in file Defaults.h.

Define Documentation

#define MB_DEBUG   0

Debug level.

If there is a problem try activating this.


Definition at line 59 of file Defaults.h.

#define STABLE_SORT   0

Defines the sorting method.

Columns needs to be sorted when using the decision stumps algorithm; Generally conservativeness is not an issue with this type of algorithm but because I want to get exactly the same results on win32 an unix, if I set non conservative sort, the outcome is different on the two.

The valid values are:
  • 1 = slow but stable
  • 0 = fast but non stable

Definition at line 53 of file Defaults.h.

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