MultiBoost File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
src/AdaBoostMHLearner.cpp [code]
src/AdaBoostMHLearner.h [code]The meta-learner AdaBoostLearner
src/Classifier.cpp [code]
src/Classifier.h [code]Performs the classification
src/Defaults.h [code]Defines macros and default values
src/main.cpp [code]The file that contains the main() function
src/IO/ClassMappings.cpp [code]
src/IO/ClassMappings.h [code]The mappings of the class (labels) names of the data
src/IO/InputData.cpp [code]
src/IO/InputData.h [code]The input of the training and testing data
src/IO/OutputInfo.cpp [code]
src/IO/OutputInfo.h [code]Outputs the step-by-step information
src/IO/Serialization.cpp [code]
src/IO/Serialization.h [code]Save and load the strong hypothesis
src/IO/SortedData.cpp [code]
src/IO/SortedData.h [code]Input data which has the column sorted
src/Utils/Args.cpp [code]
src/Utils/Args.h [code]Handles the command line arguments
src/Utils/StreamTokenizer.h [code]Tokenize a stream
src/Utils/Utils.h [code]Some useful functions
src/WeakLearners/BaseLearner.cpp [code]
src/WeakLearners/BaseLearner.h [code]The abstract basic (weak) learner
src/WeakLearners/MultiStumpLearner.cpp [code]
src/WeakLearners/MultiStumpLearner.h [code]A multi threshold decision stump learner
src/WeakLearners/SingleStumpLearner.cpp [code]
src/WeakLearners/SingleStumpLearner.h [code]A single threshold decision stump learner
src/WeakLearners/StumpLearner.cpp [code]
src/WeakLearners/StumpLearner.h [code]Stump based weak learners

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