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#include <AdaBoostMHLearner.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AdaBoostLearner (nor_utils::Args &args, int verbose=1)
 The constructor.
void run (int numIterations, const string &trainFileName, const string &testFileName="")
 Start the learning process.

Protected Member Functions

double updateWeights (InputData *pTrainData, BaseLearner *pWeakHypothesis)
 Updates the weights of the examples.

Protected Attributes

vector< BaseLearner * > _foundHypotheses
 The list of the hypotheses found.
 A pointer to the training data.
 A pointer to the test data (if exists).
string _basicLearnerName
 The name of the basic learner used by AdaBoost.
string _shypFileName
 File name of the strong hypothesis.
int _maxTime
 Time limit for the whole processing. Default: no time limit (-1).
double _theta
 the value of theta. Default = 0.
 The arguments defined by the user.
int _verbose
 Verbose level.
string _outputInfoFile
 The filename of the step-by-step information file that will be updated.
const double _smallVal
 A small value, to solve numeric issues.

Detailed Description

The AdaBoost learner.

This class performs the meta-learning by calling the weak learners and updating the weights.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AdaBoostLearner nor_utils::Args args,
int  verbose = 1

The constructor.

It initializes the variable and set them using the information provided by the arguments passed. They are parsed using the helpers provided by class Params.

args The arguments defined by the user in the command line.
verbose The level of verbosity.

Definition at line 40 of file AdaBoostMHLearner.cpp.

References AdaBoostLearner::_basicLearnerName, AdaBoostLearner::_outputInfoFile, Args::getValue(), Args::hasArgument(), and BaseLearner::RegisteredLearners().

Member Function Documentation

void run int  numIterations,
const string &  trainFileName,
const string &  testFileName = ""

Start the learning process.

numIterations The number of iterations.
trainFileName The name of the file with the training data.
testFileName Optional: The name of the file with the testing data. Used for step-by-step evaluation.
See also:

Definition at line 96 of file AdaBoostMHLearner.cpp.

References AdaBoostLearner::_args, AdaBoostLearner::_basicLearnerName, AdaBoostLearner::_shypFileName, AdaBoostLearner::_verbose, BaseLearner::createInputData(), InputData::initOptions(), MultiBoost::IT_TEST, MultiBoost::IT_TRAIN, InputData::load(), and BaseLearner::RegisteredLearners().

double updateWeights InputData pTrainData,
BaseLearner pWeakHypothesis

Updates the weights of the examples.

The re-weighting of $w$ (the weight vector over all the examples and classes) is done using the following formula

\[ w^{(t+1)}_{i, \ell}= \frac{ w^{(t)}_{i, \ell} \exp \left( -\alpha^{(t)} h_\ell^{(t)}(x_i) y_{i, \ell} \right) }{ Z^{(t)} } \]

where Z is a normalization factor, and it is defined as

\[ Z^{(t)} = \sum_{j=1}^n \sum_{\ell=1}^k w^{(t)}_{j, \ell} \exp \left( -\alpha^{(t)} h_\ell^{(t)}(x_j) y_{j, \ell} \right) \]

where $n$ is the number of examples, $k$ the number of classes, $\alpha$ is the confidence in the weak classifier, $h_\ell(x_i)$ is the classification of example $x_i$ for class $\ell$ with the classifier found at the current iteration (see BaseLearner::classify()), and $y_i$ is the binary label of that example, defined in InputData::getBinaryClass().

pTrainData The pointer to the training data.
pWeakHypothesis The current weak hypothesis.
The value of the edge. It will be used to see if the algorithm can continue with learning.

Definition at line 207 of file AdaBoostMHLearner.cpp.

References BaseLearner::classify(), BaseLearner::getAlpha(), InputData::getBinaryClass(), ClassMappings::getNumClasses(), InputData::getNumExamples(), InputData::getWeight(), and InputData::setWeight().

Member Data Documentation

int _verbose [protected]

Verbose level.

There are three levels of verbosity:

  • 0 = no messages
  • 1 = basic messages
  • 2 = show all messages

Definition at line 123 of file AdaBoostMHLearner.h.

Referenced by AdaBoostLearner::run().

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